WHMIS Handbook


These condensed WHMIS 2015 Handbooks are a great way to take the WHMIS knowledge you learned in training with you, and serve as an excellent resource while on the job. This compact guide can be used as a daily at hand reference book to quickly recognize and properly respond to the hazards and protocols in your workplace.

WHMIS Handbooks provide reference material on the following topics:

  • WHMIS Overview
  • Hazard Groups, Classes, Catagories and Subcategories
  • WHMIS Exemptions
  • WHMIS Pictograms
  • Products with more than one Class
  • Products with more than one Pictogram
  • Supplier Labels
  • Workplace Labels
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
  • A Glossary of Common Words and Phrases

This handbook is also available as a Kindle E-Book

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